Free Offline Website Builder to Skyrocket Your Startup

If you, like most of us, have found yourself with a large influx of free time thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic you’ve probably pondered what to do with it. Work is closed, schools are out, and money is getting tight.

For the creative spirit, this free time is a blessing to focus on new ideas and hobbies you pushed to the side. Perhaps you have a new business idea or platform that you think could make you extra money, fuel your passion, or make the world better.

But every great idea needs a website. Websites help solidify your ideas by establishing an omnipresent brand, allowing consumers to reach you no matter what time it is. But there’s just one problem… websites are expensive, and how in the world are we going to make one with no experience?

Meet Mobirise

Mobirise is the creative spirit’s answer to e-commerce and online branding. Mobirise is a free offline website builder that is easy to use and understand. Whether you’re an amateur throwing website-blocks together or a professional creating a sales-funnel, Mobirise is the platform for you.

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Mobirise specializes in creating mobile-optimized websites, which is perfect for the rapidly changing market space. It’s no secret that e-commerce is the dominant way people shop; a large majority of these e-shoppers tend to use a smartphone.

Mobirise free offline website builder was specifically designed for what they call “non-techies”. Non-techies are essentially those that feel they’re not familiar with web design principles and nuances! If this is you, there’s nothing wrong with that… most people aren’t well educated when it comes to making a website.

So, if you’re ready to bring your idea to fruition with a high-quality, free website – keep reading.

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How to Get Started with Mobirise

First things first, we’re going to want to download Mobirise from their website here. Feel free to look around and read more about what Mobirise Free offline Website Builder is all about. Once downloaded, you can start creating your website by selecting a theme (more on themes later).

Once you’ve found a theme that you feel fits your idea’s vibe, we can begin selecting menu blocks. To select blocks, click on the “+ “ button at the bottom of the screen. To easily explain this process, compare websites to the plot of a good book. A good website needs an introduction, a rising action, a climax (this is where you sell your idea!), a falling action, and an ending.

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Your menu and headers will help serve as these elements, driving consumers down a smooth, free-flowing funnel that should positively sell your idea. Add header blocks by clicking the “+” again and selecting the ones you like.

Now, it’s important to note that these are template elements, they look fantastic because Mobirise templates are professionally made, but they aren’t you. Changing elements with Mobirise is easy, simply click on the piece of text/image you’d like to change and follow the friendly pop-up menus.

This is the beginning of your new website, there’s a lot more work to do, but starting is the biggest roadblock when it comes to web-design; you won’t regret it.

Mobirise Themes and Extensions

One great advantage to Mobirise Free Offline Website Builder is that it’s constantly being updated with new themes and content to keep your creativity flowing. Just recently, Mobirise put out a bunch of new M4 series themes that are perfect for restaurants, music artists, photographers, financial firms, and even start-ups. (In other words, they have something for everyone!)

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Mobirise posts all of their themes and updates on their YouTube channel, which you can check out here. These videos help give you a sense of what the theme is like, along with a brief tutorial for adding some of the elements.

Mobirise also includes a variety of extensions that help tailor your website to the specific needs of your industry. For example, Mobirise offers a form-builder, a PayPal shopping cart extension, and even a code-editor for those that really want to get hands-on with their website. These extensions are perfect for those that find success with their Mobirise website and want to bring things to the next level.


  • Completely FREE for commercial and non-profit use.
  • It’s an free offline website builder, allowing for offline creation.
  • A minimalistic and non-invasive user interface, perfect for non-techies.
  • Constantly being updated and supported with new themes/extensions.
  • Inexpensive for those that want to purchase one-time upgrades, very advantageous.
  • No subscription fees, saving you money in the long run.


There’s no telling how far your idea will go… in fact, most ideas don’t ever come to existence because they’re “too hard to create”. Fortunately, platforms like Mobirise make your idea-creation easier by reducing the workload and complexity.

So, when your idea reaches the website creation phase, feel free to relax and enjoy the process with Mobirise. No expensive development team, no subscription fees, and everything to gain.

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