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Today, having a website for your business is a must. In the interactive world, the presence of your business on online sources is considered as an obligation. No one can even imagine a business becoming successful without having a website. The website is considered as one of the easy and mass-level sources to reach to huge groups of heterogeneous individuals. One can easily spread word-of-mouth about their business with the help of their own website.

After the launch of your business, it is a perfect time to develop your own website. Here, one major question arises in terms of the development of a website that whether hire a third party for website development or design it by yourself using website builders. However, if you are planning to hire an outside party than yes it will cost you more. Developing it by yourself is an affordable task but what if you lack required skills? The problem arises but no need to worry, a solution is available in this regard. There are online website builders that can develop your business website in effective and at a budget-friendly price.

AMP Page Theme

Mobirise is an application that develops websites for your business ranging from basic design websites to highly creative one. Along with websites, one can also develop online portfolios as well as resumes. Creation of online pages is also effectively done by the app.

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Mobirise AMP Website Builder

A number of website development apps are available online that help you out in designing one for your business. Well, the question that arises here that whether the designed websites by these apps work properly or not. Mobirise develops websites in Accelerated Mobile Pages Project format that is easy to publish online. A number of Free Bootstrap templates and themes are available in order to design a creative and unique website for your business. AMP website builder is a mobile-friendly format that builds such websites that work perfectly on mobile. Today most of the people use mobile in order to access any website. If your website is not going to work on mobile, then it is a big FAIL. Therefore, Mobirise Free Website Builder make it easy for you to have such a website which is easy to access by using any gadget.

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People hate waiting long for a website to get loaded. Most of the people switch to other web pages if one webpage is taking too long to get loaded. Mobirise Responsive Website Builder is well aware of this concern and therefore uses AMP format. It not only designs user-friendly websites but also easy to load websites.

Awesome AMP Themes

While designing your website on Mobirise AMP Page Builder an option of free demo is also available. One can easily view how the website will look like before finalizing it. Demos make it easy for the individual to make required changes before getting things done. You can also watch demo videos available on the website that can guide you about the development of your website. Demo regarding each of the element to be placed on your website is available. Even, if you do not have required skills that can help you out in the creation of a creative website, demos make it possible for you.

Mobirise AMP Page theme

A number of designed themes are available online with flexible features. You can easily make changes in the designed AMP Page Theme according to your choice. Modern features are available that make it easy for you to omit color of the background and change it as per your choice. One can create an interactive intro for their website with call-to-action buttons and icons.

Website blocks

A set of pre-designed website blocks are also available on Mobirise. Right on the homepage of the application, the option of website block is available.

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There are almost 150+ blocks are available that are available for the convenience of the users. Versatile range of modules is available on mobirise with creative responsive features, article blocks like lists, titles, image blocks, footers, headers etc. One can easily edit the content which is available on the AMP Page Theme of the website so that you can mold the design as per your choice. Overall control on the blocks is in the hand of the user. One can easily change, adjust, set or remove any of the content available on the website.

Available features

As given before, Mobirise Website Builder is an application that runs on your Android devices as well as Mac and Windows computers. Following are some of the significant features of mobirise that includes it in the list of some of the loved applications.

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1. Drag-and-Drop Interface

One of the notable features of Mobirise is Drag-and-Drop Interface. You can easily drag any of the features and directly on the webpage. The development of the website is easy and simple. You can start it right by clicking on creating a website. Interact with the controls given on application. By simply clicking on the buttons given on the application, a wide range of options are open. Choose from the given options and the given command is completed.

2. Pre-Built Page Blocks

Many pre-built page blocks are available on the application. You can look at the available options if any of the options are suitable for you. Then no need to design your own. Simply choose the suitable page block and use it.

3. Fully Responsive Design Built

The websites made by Mobirise are highly friendly. You can use this website on any of the devices even on a mobile. Every individual can log in to your website by using any of their devices.

Pros and cons

Like every other online website builder, Mobirise also has a range of pros and cons.


  • You can create your website free or cost by using it.
  • An option of a free trial is not available.
  • No need to purchase a license in order to use it.
  • No restrictions are there on designing any kind of website.
Google AMP Page Theme


  • You can design such a website by using Mobirise AMP Page Theme that has stacked blocks on it


The designing website for your business by yourself is an advantage. One can easily design the customized website of their own choice by using Mobirise AMP Page Theme.

When the person gets information about your business and searches online for its website, then he will be highly amazed by looking at a creative and highly responsive website. Therefore, what are you waiting for, just install Mobirise Premium Google AMP Theme and start designing your web page.

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